About us


The Westfield Day School, a therapeutic school for students in grades 7-12, was founded in Rye, New York, in 2000 by Peter M. Schoenholtz, LCSW, the current owner and director.*

Through the collaboration between Mr. Schoenholtz and Mrs. Pam Heldman, the Academic Director, the school prospered to the point where it had outgrown the former setting in Rye and they initiated a search for a new building.

The current building, located at the junction of Rt. 22 and North Greenwich Road in Armonk, NY was purchased for the school in 2016, and after extensive renovation, opened the doors of its new home to enter the first class for the academic year 2016-17.

Our Mission

The Westfield Day School is dedicated to helping children overcome educational and personal obstacles through a combination of academic and emotional support. Our combined support program set in a friendly, nurturing school environment engages student’s strengths and minimizes the debilitating effects of prior school failure or underachievement. Our motto, “Linking Education and Emotional Support” conveys a sense of purposeful action on behalf of all who come to Westfield for help, regardless of the nature of their difficulties.

All students are encouraged to participate in our mutually supportive school community; a community that is warm, welcoming and interested in what is unique to all of us as individuals and what unites us as human beings.

"The students' incredible support for us in a challenging time, is a fitting testimony to the great work that is being done at Westfield to develop caring young men and women."
Paul L.​

Our Philosophy

Westfield’s philosophy is based on certain naturalistic assumptions about human development. For example, accepting help from others comes easily to children as does their desire to help others in need. Moreover, we believe that when they are in a trustworthy, supportive environment, children tend naturally to uphold universal moral and pro-social values for the betterment of themselves, each other, and their community.

Westfield’s philosophy values human diversity and the importance of accepting human differences. We support our students in their individuality and encourage them in turn, to value what we have in common, despite our differences.

The ability to value others and to be valued by others in this way helps a child to develop a more accepting view of themselves even if they may struggle with learning, emotional, or other challenges. We view this kind of self-acceptance as creating an optimal condition for personal growth and development.

We have found that in our natural, normalizing, supportive environment, students are enabled to find their personal strength and the motivation to overcome educational and personal challenges in school and in their lives.


Daniella Greco

Our Learning Specialist has a Masters in both Special Education and Social Work, and is able to address the unique needs of all our students.

Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas

Having worked internationally for the Peace Corps, he brings his global experience to his English lessons. MA in English


Anna Mazzara

Her Masters Degree and years of experience specializing in Literacy helps to focus on the learning needs of our students at all levels.