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Therapeutic Program

All students at Westfield are viewed as individuals needing varying degrees and types of professional psychological support. Each student is assigned to one of our highly versatile and experienced consulting therapists who will meet with them twice per week for a 20 – 30 minute therapy session.

Group Therapy, as with Individual Therapy, is a mandatory part of the school program. All students are assigned to a professionally-led group that meets once per week for 45 minutes. Called “Communication Group” it mirrors the other natural approaches used at Westfield. Students are grouped to maximize peer support which gives each of them an opportunity to relate to one another in a more personal, trusting way.

The “relational” emphasis of our therapy in addition to the natural, therapeutic school environment serves many purposes including:

  • reducing isolating tendencies in school,
  • helps with the development of social and communicational skills,
  • teaches students how to use interpersonal support to solve problems

These skills enable students to be supportive members of the larger school community and prepares them for meeting the ultimate goal of becoming healthy, productive members of society.