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Westfield is a co-educational, grades seven through twelve school, utilizing a standard New York State curriculum and traditional school subjects. Our program is flexible, allowing students to enroll at any time during the year with a customized academic plan to fit their needs. For those students with specific learning problems, we offer an academic support program with more intensive, specialized instruction. Students accustomed to advanced study will find a suitable level of more challenging coursework.

New York State Regents testing is available for students. In addition to meeting their core requirements, students can prepare for taking SAT’s or ACT’s and have the added benefit of taking those tests at Westfield since we are an approved ETS testing site.

Academic Philosophy

At Westfield we believe that the relationship between a student and a teacher has a profound effect on learning. The nature of the teaching relationship can either help or hinder optimal cognitive functioning. Therefore, our teachers must understand the student’s emotional and learning needs and create a learning environment based upon that understanding. This empathic understanding leads to mutual trust and acceptance by students.

Our compassionate and relational emphasis, especially when embraced by both students and teachers, captures the essential importance of a human “connection” in the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next.